Another blog at your feed? Anyway, this post is worth your time!! 

Starting a blog is like your first date at high school: way too nervous, with absolutely no experience and a big chance to fail right from the start! But in the end, everything is (hopefully) gonna be alright! That’s exactly the feeling we have at Connecting-Expertise with the kick-off of our blog. We all hope you will like it and read our latest news every time again! 

From now on, we will frequently bring you important updates on our company and the space we work in: case studies, important sector evolutions, events we’re organizing et cetera. As an introduction, this first post contains a meet-and-greet with our 7 new starters. Our continued growth in the past months and years had created a need for significant re-enforcements. As you will notice, some of our starters come from different universities in Belgium. By doing this, we’re trying to give them a unique opportunity to get a first practice in the labor market. 

Our financial team is now supported by Tom Deproost and Isabelle Van Ruiten. These two youngsters are Business Engineering students in Antwerp and thrilled to join the adventurous road of Connecting-Expertise. Backed-up by the experience of our Partner Patrick, they will handle our figures and support the internal processes. 

Our Partners have also created a marketing division for a better internal and external communication. Sam Van Heester, a Business Administration student and Leno Adriaensens, studying Business Engineering, will design innovative marketing actions like webinars, workshops and events. On top of this, they will extend our website with new features and more content. This blog is one of their projects. Peter, our second Partner, will advise them through this journey. 

Next to this, three new colleagues joined our software team. Thomas De Jonghe joined the Development team. He is constantly working on new features and making the software better and more complete. Ineke Bauwens is our new tester. The bug killer of the company will test new features of the software and will ensure that our customers can use the platform without a single problem. Last but not least, we would like to introduce Pieter Van den Berghe. He assists our customers during the implementation of the Connecting-Expertise software suite. As a business analyst, he is one of the contact points for our clients and will be responsible for in-time rollouts. 

Make sure to check them out at our new ‘meet the team’ page!  

Congratulations, you just completed this first blogpost with success and we want to thank you for that! From now on, we will regularly add content here – posts about reporting, shortages in the marketplace and pioneering innovations like UX and Power BI in the pipeline! Interested? Then keep checking this page! 


Leno Adriaensens