What you need to know  

Here we will discuss the SOURCE part of our updated VMS. What has changed and which new features have been added to te platform? You can all find it below!


Overview Of Requests

We completely reworked our data grids, giving you more flexibility to handle all the data you have to work with. From now on you are able to define, save and re-use your own custom filters - giving you instant access to the data that is relevant to you.

Creating a new request

We have improved the presentation of our request form so it will be easier and more clear for the user. All the action buttons are moved to the top of the page to ease your use.

Searching Function Profiles On Skills

A new feature in the tool is that you can search function profiles based on key words of your skills. You can select an appropriate function profile based on a certain skill you are looking for.

Adding Skills To Your Request

Skills can be added as easily as before, but the lay-out and data grid are modernized.

Detail Page Of A Request

The overview of your request page is streamlined. The action buttons are moved to the top of the page and just below you can find an overview of the most important fields of your request.

Compare Proposals

In the new layout it is still possible to compare proposals of suppliers. New is that you can compare up to five proposals.