Welcome supplier, this is your new platform

What you need to know  

Based on feedback from you, we decided that it was time for a new layout for the application. Because we don't want you to be thrown in at the deep end we have made this page, which should give you a clear view of the changes we have made. Hopefully by doing this you won't have any problems working with the refreshed platform!

New Login Page

We have given our tool a complete makeover. A new, slick and straightforward login page introduces the user to his optimized and refreshed platform.

Push Notifications

The new message center delivers the user in one overview direct access to all relevant information.

Overview Of Requests

We completely reworked our data grids, giving you more flexibility to handle all the data you have to work with. From now on you are able to define, save and re-use your own custom filters - giving you instant access to the data that is relevant to you.

Use Of Filter

The filter function can be found in the right upper corner of the page. A popup screen on the right side of the page will open by clicking on the filter button. The filter allows you to filter on a keyword, reference, state, department, created by, user, active/non-active/both, creation date, etc. You can also select which columns you want to see under ‘Column display’. By clicking on ‘Search’ down the page, the filter will close and the table will change as asked. These settings will be remembered next time you open the page.

Save, Reuse and Delete Filter

In the new lay out it is possible to save preferred settings of the filter. Here you can customize your filter depending on the page and give it a chosen name under ‘Filter name’. By clicking on the ‘Save filter’ button, your filter will be saved and remembered under ‘Your filters’.

When you want to activate your filter, click on the underlined name under ‘Your filters’, the popup screen will close and the saved filter will automatically be activated. When you no longer need a predefined filter you can delete it by clicking on ‘Delete’.