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How to quickly create a request for external talent
Drawing up job profiles is not easy and rather time–consuming. You can’t evaluate candidates and external talent in a uniform way and you don’t know exactly which suppliers to contact for a certain profile type. Moreover, you usually don’t know the
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Interview given by Peter De Buck (Co-founder of Connecting-Expertise) for the Recruitment Process Outsourcing report 2019 and freely translated to English for own blog use. What are the major evolutions in the labor market? We perceive that companies used to
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During the last few months, Connecting-Expertise has been involved in various important projects … Some were induced by the new European regulation GDPR, others were driven by recurrent requests from our customers and users (PowerBI reports and new UX).   We will
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If you are a frequent reader of our blog, you must have come across the word ‘Total Talent Management’ many times. In this blog we are trying to explain our view on Total Talent Management and why it is so
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TTM platform  Although many companies know in the back of their minds that the contingent workforce (CW) delivers quality output and is there to stay, most find it hard to really embrace this group. At VRT the Purchasing and HR
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