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If you are a frequent reader of our blog, you must have come across the word ‘Total Talent Management’ many times. In this blog we are trying to explain our view on Total Talent Management and why it is so important to us. Let’s start with a clear definition of
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TTM platform  Although many companies know in the back of their minds that the contingent workforce (CW) delivers quality output and is there to stay, most find it hard to really embrace this group. At VRT the Purchasing and HR department, at request of the board, started an investigation on
As a vendor management system, Connecting-Expertise is used by customers to facilitate and streamline business processes. These processes need to be monitored in order to be refined and optimized. Which means that data is key. Which also means that accurate reports are an essential component of the solution we offer.   From the start, Connecting-Expertise has
Welkom bij onze tweede blog post. We hopen allemaal dat jullie genoten hebben van onze eerste! Er is veel gebeurd in de afgelopen weken en we zijn erg enthousiast om dit met jullie te delen. Dus, leun achterover, ontspan, en geniet van het lezen!  Deze blog gaat over onze Total
Corporate strategy
Another blog at your feed? Anyway, this post is worth your time!!  Starting a blog is like your first date at high school: way too nervous, with absolutely no experience and a big chance to fail right from the start! But in the end, everything is (hopefully) gonna be alright! That’s exactly
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