As a vendor management system, Connecting-Expertise is used by customers to facilitate and streamline business processes. These processes need to be monitored in order to be refined and optimized. Which means that data is key. Which also means that accurate reports are an essential component of the solution we offer.  

From the start, Connecting-Expertise has offered a number of generic reports that are available out-of-the-box for all of our customers. Although these reports include all relevant business information to make informed decisions, but they did not include a graphical user interface.  

To tackle this, we initiated the search for a new reporting environment. After a detailed analysis and review of the leading tools available on the market today we decided to go for Microsoft’s Power BI reporting suite. Moreover, we decided to fully embed Power BI into the Connecting-Expertise VMS suite. This means that the Power BI reports are integrated into the existing reporting module. 

After selection of the technology, we launched a pilot project to develop and integrate a first set of three reports in the sourcing module. Those are now finalized and made available to a first set of key users on production. A more global rollout is planned in the next couple of weeks.

What does the future bring? The coming months we will add more reports step by step. We are currently working on a couple of reports on the contracts module and will tackle the track and pay modules after that. Later this year we will also make available an API on the Power BI environment. This way, customers can integrate Connecting-Expertise data into other Power BI reports that they have developed internally. In a later phase we will also offer a similar service to the suppliers that use the platform.  

On top of that we have defined an R&D project on big data. Thanks to our growth we have large sets of data. Now it’s time to turn all this data into market intelligence. We are in the proces of identifying the best technology that fits our big data needs – at the same time our sales and marketing specialists are trying to make business sense of all the market information we have at our disposal. We are convinced that this will fuel a new chapter in our company’s strategy. More on this in later posts.

Patrick Verrept