Welcome to our second blog post. We all hope you enjoyed our first one! A lot has happened in the past few weeks and we are very excited to share this with you. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the read! 

This particular blog will discuss our Total Talent Management Brainstorm session we organized two weeks ago. It was a very exciting day which has given us lots of new and refreshing insights in the HR-Tech world. But let’s start with the beginning and let us explain the reason behind this expert panel. 

It has been more than 10 years since our founders, Peter De Buck and Patrick Verrept, decided to launch Connecting-Expertise. From the beginning the main strategy was always designed by our two partners in combination with the feedback of our customers. As the HR-Tech world is in a state of flux, we want to keep challenging ourselves to offer relevant and innovative solutions to our clients. Because of this we had the idea to organize a panel, with experts from the market, on a beautiful location in the heart of Antwerp to shape and confirm our strategy for the upcoming years. 

It is very remarkable that a lot of companies do not have a crystalized long-term HR strategy. They focus mainly on acquiring new candidates, less on retaining them.  There are some exceptions of course, but the majority ignores the importance and the impact of having a good HR strategy. HR becomes more and more part of operations or finance, as it is seen as an expense rather than an objective. But our conclusion is that investing in a Total Talent Management vision and strategy is an investment with a high ROI. 

We see this exact same trend within the world of HR tech. There are lots of initiatives focusing on optimizing hiring flows in comparison with improving retention, internal mobility, jobcrafting, learning & development…  We see this as one of the biggest challenges in the upcoming years. Nowadays it is different and for some companies difficult to satisfy the new generation and to keep them connected. They want a lot of independence and are rather impatient about it. This is something we kept in mind while shaping our strategy. 

There are two main disruptive technologies that will shape the future of the HR-tech market: AI and Blockchain. To prepare for this HR-Tech companies should start opening up their technical architecture and make sure new applications can be added or connected.  By having open solutions, companies will be able to insert ‘plug-and-play’ concepts allowing them to grow and at the same time be flexible for upcoming changes. 

As you can read, a lot of important conclusions have been made during the day. These insights provide a better view of what the HR-tech market will look like in a couple of years. This helped us a lot while defining our strategy. 

We would like to thank our expert panel and EY Factory for the beautiful location to host this event. 

We hope you enjoyed our post. If you do, feel free to share! 

See you next time!