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Success story: ENGIE

About Engie

Success Story by ENGIE. They are a global energy player in electricity, natural gas and general energy services. ENGIE finds efficient solutions to build a low carbon future, by providing it in a simple way and at the lowest cost.

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Energy & Services


SourceContractTime sheet and Billing-Pay


11 000 employees





Their Objectives

ENGIE is staffing his teams on cross-channel way with ideal mix between contingent & labourcontract workforces. Access to offer & demand in real time and in a transparent way, along with streamlined workflows, are crucial for the ENGIE group. The CE platform has provided ENGIE with transparency and efficiency in managing their temporary workforce. The automation of timesheeting, PO-SES & invoicing saves a lot of time and prevents mistakes from sneaking in. 

Connecting-Expertise provides one integrated SaaS platform for all different needs related to contingent workforce: ENGIE can reach the whole market of external workers at once through CE Marketplace. The right candidates are selected and managed through the platform. Timesheets, purchase orders, service entry sheets and payments will be processed in the same smooth flow. The platform is fully tailored to ENGIE’s needs, and provides internal transparency at all times. Connecting-Expertise supports ENGIE in finding and monitoring different types of external workers on various contracts.




"Managing our temporary workforce is much more transparent and efficient now that we’re using CE VMS platform."

Frederik, HR IS Solution Manager


"They’ve been by our side through the whole process, thinking along with us."



Are you interested in...

  • Reducing hiring costs
  • Creating a centralized policy
  • Remaining final decision-making authority
  • Having the freedom to favor proposals
  • Having the ability to compare different proposals
  • Accessing the number of requests and fill rates achieved