Connecting-Expertise offers software solutions that help you optimise and facilitate sourcing, contracting and managing your organisation's contingent workforce.

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What we do

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Most companies work with contingent workers such as independent contractors, consultants, freelancers or temporary workers. However, working with contingent workforce brings specific challenges.

Connecting-Expertise offers an integrated ‘software-as-a-service’ solution that helps you get a better grip on your contingent workforce.

Our solution optimizes all steps in the staffing process, from sourcing, contracting and tracking to invoicing. In addition, our marketplace allows you to access our total supplier database to find niche profiles or solutions.

By automating all steps in your staffing process, we empower you to keep up with changes in an ever growing market with increasing needs for flexible and contingent workforce.

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What’s in it for you?

Reduce costs

Eliminate high costs by making the relationship between you and your suppliers tangible and measurable.

Increase efficiency

Quickly find the best suitable candidate, and automate your administrative process.

Available everywhere

Our solution is available using a secure web browser, and is therefore available 24/7, worldwide.

Transparency and control

You're in control of the staffing process, offering transparency for all your stakeholders.


Get insights into all aspects of the hiring process with our extensive reporting capabilities that spans the entire process.

Secure and scalable

Our solution is entirely web-based (SaaS), scalable, and is conform the regulations regarding the hiring of contingent workforce.

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Tailored to your organisation

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Our solution can be maximally personalized to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Based on international standards, our software easily integrates with other software packages such as CRM, ERP, ...