What is the ideal recruitment strategy and how does your marketplace fit in?

For a long time there was talk of the ‘war for talent’, now it’s clear that the war in question is over and talent won. So to find the right talent, it’s important to integrate different approaches into your recruitment strategy. The goal is to form an overall approach that fits the needs and maturity of your organisation. For example: 

  • Considering talent acquisition in a holistic way; 
  • Combining different sourcing models; 
  • Building talent pools; 
  • Favouring multichannel sourcing; 
  • And so on. 


Our marketplace offers the perfect addition to your recruitment strategy. In combination with our VMS platform, hiring and managing contingent workers becomes even faster and easier. We focus on automating and optimising your recruitment process, ensuring increased efficiency and cost savings. Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact us for personalised advice and guidance. 


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