How do I find quality candidates?

Are you getting few candidates or are you still looking for more suitable candidates? Then you might want to reconsider your expectations and redefine your request. If necessary, we can review your request to make it more attractive and accessible to suppliers. To do so, we take into account:



  • Text 
    • Is the job content clear? Are the responsibilities mentioned and is it clear what kind of team the applicant will be part of? 
    • Is the location mentioned and is there a possibility to work from home? 
    • Is there a target price mentioned and is it market-based? 
  • Skills 
    • Are all skills clearly listed? 
    • Are all skills a must or are some of them rather assets? 
    • Be realistic: does the requested number of years of experience match the expected skills? 
  • Published specialisations 
    • Are the specialisations in your request accurate? Can additional ones be added that relate to your request? 


What kind of profiles can I find on the marketplace?  Watch below:

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