Not filling in open vacancies immediately for external employees is costly. Obstacles such as missing (budget) approvals, involving the most relevant suppliers too late, or not scheduling interviews right away, can seriously delay the selection process.

In order to eliminate these bottlenecks, you need to map out the different steps in the application and selection process. Then you can take the right actions.

Approval flow openstaande vacatures
Breakdown of an approval process. You can clearly see how much time each step takes.


The Source module of CE VMS supports the application and selection process. You can use the platform from the moment a need for external employees is identified, until the application is completed. Users can either create a request from scratch, or choose a pre-defined job description. 

The platform helps you to easily compare candidates and select the most suitable person as quickly as possible. The entire selection process can be customized, including the ability to schedule interviews. 


The right information at the right time ensures that you can continue to improve the efficiency of your hiring process. Comprehensive standard reports allow you to monitor ongoing activities and measure supplier performance. This can be complemented with customized reports.



Not filling in open vacancies right away is expensive. To eliminate the bottlenecks in your selection process, you first need to know which steps can be improved. The right tools offer permanent insight, so you can immediately take the appropriate actions.


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