Drawing up job profiles is not easy and rather timeconsumingYou can’t evaluate candidates and external talent in a uniform way and you don’t know exactly which suppliers to contact for a certain profile type. Moreover, you usually don’t know the maximum rate per job profile and supplier by heart.

Predefined job profiles are a solution to this. Part of the vacancy is filled automatically. Of course, you can adjust the predefined information yourself.  Using a predefined job profile saves you time and effort. It allows you to easily draw up new requests for your external talent.

In CE VMS and CE Job Board, you can generate such a predefined job profile automatically. This includes:

  • a description
  • necessary documents
  • pre-completed skills
  • publication to preferred suppliers

The information is prepared in advance and is presented automatically. Of course, you can still modify the data, but thanks to this basis, you can draw up requests quickly and consistently. Besides, you can link job profiles to departments, so that each user only sees the job profiles that are relevant to him or her.

Subsequently, a request based on a job profile either goes through an approval process or is automatically published to the appropriate suppliers. Finally, you can set price agreements per job profile and even supplier. In this way, you enforce tariff controls, which results in a transparent pricing policy and cost savings.


Quickly draw up a function profile
Keep track of when and how often a job profile is used. The graphic reports of Connecting-Expertise VMS show this clearly.



CE VMS‘s Sourcing module allows you to manage your requests, evaluate and compare candidates, and maintain your supplier pool in a streamlined way. Predefined job profiles are the basis for quickly creating a new application: they contain the information the vendor needs to deliver the most suitable candidate. Of course, you can also create a new request without starting from a pre-defined job profile. This keeps the platform flexible to your needs.



Creating a vacancy from scratch is time-consuming. By using predefined job profiles, you simplify that work considerably.


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