If you are a frequent reader of our blog, you must have come across the word ‘Total Talent Management’ many times. In this blog we are trying to explain our view on Total Talent Management and why it is so important to us. Let’s start with a clear definition of what it actually means.  

 In recent years, we have seen an evolution in the employment landscape. Skilled talent often chooses alternative working models over permanent positions. Research by Ardent Partners reveals that 40 per cent of the global workforce consists of contingent workers. Examples of contingent workforce are: Contractors, freelancers, temporary workers, jobstudents, etc. Total Talent Management conceptualizes the idea that it is very important to keep pace with this significant evolution. TTM does not only focuses on the Talent Acquisition part but also on the retaining part.

Quote Peter De Buck (Co-Founder Connecting-Expertise)  

‘Total Talent Management goes much further than the Acquisition side, we see that too many companies only have attention for this part and forget to retain that hired talent. Our vision on Total Talent Management is that it is important to attract and source talent, which is very difficult nowadays with the ‘war for talent’, but also to guide your talent and try to keep them excited. We try to make companies aware that the war for talent will only rage on and it will become more and more difficult to attract and retain talent. That’s why we believe that now is the time to invest in a Total Talent Management platform so you don’t lag behind.’  

 As you can see, Connecting-Expertise highly believes in the importance of Total Talent Management and we are investing in it. An example is the expert panel we organized in August. To read more about this expert panel click here! The reason behind this event is the fact that we wanted to shape our strategy for the upcoming years considering the changes in the employment landscape.  

Quote Patrick Verrept  (Co-Founder Connecting-Expertise)  

‘From technological point of view, the most important conclusion from our expert panel was that our VMS is perfectly positioned to act as a key component within a TTM solution. For these processes that need extra support we expanded our Partner Eco-System with several best-of-breed solutions’.  

 Another example is our project @ VRT. They searched for a possibility to align the contingent workforce strategy and processes with the ones of the VRT-employees. Their outcome was the starting point for a new Total Talent Management vision. We are very proud that we received the opportunity to develop their new platform including the new ‘tinder for talent’ application. Want to have more information about this? Go read our previous blog!  

 I think it is very clear that Total Talent Management and the current war for talent will shape the future of the employment landscape. This won’t be the last time that will you read something about this topic! The coming years will be exciting ones and we are ready for it.

Sam Van Heester