TTM platform 

Although many companies know in the back of their minds that the contingent workforce (CW) delivers quality output and is there to stay, most find it hard to really embrace this group. At VRT the Purchasing and HR department, at request of the board, started an investigation on the possibilities to join CW with VRT employees. The outcome was the starting point for a new Total Talent Management – HR vision. The HR director Hans Cockx took ownership of the total workforce at VRT and started a search for a TTM platform.

The TTM platform should consist of two key components; one for talent sourcing & mobility and one for talent development. For the sourcing & mobility part Connecting-Expertise is developing a platform that consists the sourcing of real jobs, using their VMS and the ATS of HR Office, and a custom-made internal mobility tool, the Tinder for Talent app. The first parts of the sourcing solutions are rolled out in the Talent Week at VRT. Later this year the complete platform will be delivered.

Talent Week 

The first week of October is Talent Week at VRT. It starts on October 1st with International Coffee Day where 3 baristas will be putting the best coffee in your new Talent mug. In this week the new TTM platform developed mainly by Connecting-Expertise is launched.

As tooling is only there to support the people and their talents the focus of the week is on just that, developing your talents, learning new things and to encourage job mobility. There will be workshops by VRT colleagues on new IT technology, soft skills and off course a lot of new camera and sound techniques. Also, there will be inspirational talks by four well-known Flemish speakers.

Tinder for Talent

On the last day of the week it is ‘shadow day’, where you get the opportunity to follow one of your colleagues in their role in a different part of the organization. For this shadow day one of the new tools of the TTM platform will be used, the assignment tool, or with a more appealing term, the ‘Tinder for Talent’ app. With this app VRT is starting an experiment to allow anyone in the company to post any kind of (short term, work related) assignment for which anyone in the company can apply. A fully self-service app where both VRT employees and contingent workers can share tasks across the company, starting with the opportunity to shadow a colleague on that Friday.

Thank you for reading!

Written by Mark Van Assema